Why do we need to be on the ground? Part 5 – Demonstration

By | 10th September 2017

In our modern days, everyone can learn on the internet – there are hips of how-to step-by-step instructables or demonstration videos…

However, this is not always accessible to all.

As we have seen, access to internet is not necessarily easy (because of network) or affordable (because of the device cost and/or data cost).

But this is not only about access or cost. Learning online is also a mindset and does require some “internet education”. It is not easy for everyone to just go online, “google” something and then do it… I do know people in Europe who can’t do it. And we sometimes do step-by-step telephone teaching but this is not the most efficient or easy, and not applicable for everything…

One can also argue that we used to learn before the internet era… We used to have books… and they still exist (thankfully!!!). There are also other written documents. For example the recipe on the side of a pack of rice or soup… Again, books in Africa might not be available (many schools do not even have the required text books for their curriculum). But also, people might not be able to read them properly due to their literacy level. Those we want to serve are those who might not have been fortunate enough to attend school or have access to knowledge bank (books or internet).

But the main reason for being on the ground is because people learn better through demonstration and this is what they want. This is especially true in Africa, but applies to many places.

We come from a long tradition of oral knowledge. Think about the schools nowadays: while we have books, the teacher is still talking to us…

We often are visual learners (we need to see what is happening) and do learn by practising. Again, think about the school: we do have practical teaching to complement the theoretical teaching – on the job learning — not only theoretical learning.

I have many examples where I gave explanations verbally but people want a demonstration. People have to see. People have to practice.

And this is how we believe we can bring more knowledge, we can teach better. And this takes time to go places, spend time to teach, come back to assess…



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