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Why do we need to be on the ground? Part 7- Demonstration (Continued)

We already mentioned the need that most of us have to learn through visual aid, more importantly through demonstration. A lot of people cannot learn through a book or written instructions. We often need/want visual aids. Think about the booming of step-by-step photo-instructions on the internet, and even more about the ever increasing numbers of… Read More »

What do we want to achieve? Teaching to fish or….

Our vision is to help people help themselves in improving their conditions. “Improving condition” is a very wide topic. The obvious is to have access to education, to water, to light, to safe living environment, etc… But there is more to it… Every little things that makes your life better is an improvement. And it will… Read More »

Why do we need to be on the ground? Part 3 – Communication lines

One of the issue that we have when not being in the field is how to communicate. Access to communication is not a given everywhere, for everyone… If we are not in the country, then we are talking about international communication. Whether we sit in Europe or in the neighbouring country in Africa. So despite… Read More »

CBO challenge: setting up a community organisation

Setting up an organisation in itself is “easy”. It depends on the country, but it is mainly paperwork to be filled in and sent/registered with different government bodies. Easy, easy… only when we know what to do… Information is available… but again, when we know how to find it…. Easy does not mean straightforward or… Read More »

Word of the day

I have found those words from Benjamin Franklin (based on Confucius) that reflect so well what we believe in and what we have experienced, in any country we have travelled, worked and/or lived. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” In a way, they summarise our vision… Read More »

CBOs: what is their place in the project?

Last year, I was reading an article based on a research regarding CBOs in Zimbabwe. This article, albeit from 2011, very well phrase the importance of CBOs on the ground and some of the issues faced by communities and those CBOs trying to implement solutions. One article leads to another one, then to another one… Read More »

Why do we need to be on the ground? Part 1 – General

There are many reasons to be on the ground, and we will try to cover a few in details over the next editions, based on our belief, general experience and recent experience on the ground. To name but a few, we can have general headlines covering different areas for which we believe it is important… Read More »

CBO: what are they and why do we need them…?

One issue that communities do have is to organise themselves to conduct a project. And from there, to secure funds. The common way to get organised is to register a CBO: Community-Based Organisation. Names sometimes vary from country to country, but the principle remains the same: the community comes together under a structured organisation and… Read More »

Little help along the way

At the back of Maya, I have written some words to explain why she is called Maya. I had mentioned a long time ago on the blog that this poster was the most popular picture taken of Maya. I really like this poster. And many people have seen it as an inspiring or motivating talk. While… Read More »