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Why do we need to be on the ground? Part 7- Demonstration (Continued)

We already mentioned the need that most of us have to learn through visual aid, more importantly through demonstration. A lot of people cannot learn through a book or written instructions. We often need/want visual aids. Think about the booming of step-by-step photo-instructions on the internet, and even more about the ever increasing numbers of… Read More »

Community Challenge: Being a community…

One of my guiding principle is that we work better together than alone – as we say in French “L’union fait la force” (Together we are stronger). And one of the pillar of Bee the Solution is that communities can help themselves. One of the “issues” that I did find sometimes (often…) is a lack of unity… Read More »

First rules of….

First Rules of adaption/integration through language  I move a lot around Southern/Eastern Africa. I come across a lot of different cultures. And with the culture also come different languages… While English is an official language in all the countries I am staying in, this is still not the home language of the majority of people.… Read More »

Why do we need to be on the ground? Part 5 – Demonstration

In our modern days, everyone can learn on the internet – there are hips of how-to step-by-step instructables or demonstration videos… However, this is not always accessible to all. As we have seen, access to internet is not necessarily easy (because of network) or affordable (because of the device cost and/or data cost). But this… Read More »

Why do we need to be on the ground? Part 4 – Communication

Beside lines of communications, another aspect of communicating is linked to verbal and non-verbal expressions. On the verbal communication, the language that I communicate with is English (all countries I am going to are English-speaking countries). While English is the official language, very few people speak English as their native language… and there is a… Read More »

Be grateful for what you have…

Be grateful for what you have… … not longing for what you don’t. This might sound cheesy, one of those saying that we know but don’t really pay attention to. One that we tell the kids to keep them quiet when they want something and we don’t want to get it/buy it for them. But… Read More »

Connecting People: Sharing knowledge

Part of the travel is about meeting people and sharing. How we meet, what we share and how it impacts further people makes for interesting stories. In 2015 in Tanzania, I met Gareth, a South African travelling for his project to promote conservancy, especially the trees. We met in Arusha. He was on his way… Read More »

Connecting People: Brazil meet South Africa

A few months ago, I met a wonderful couple in South Africa: Vanessa and Linho, all the way from Brazil. They were travelling in a restored Jeep from the ‘40s, named “Imperfeiçào” (“Imperfection”…. because nobody’s perfect…) They had started their travels in South America nearly 1 year before and had just arrived in Durban, South… Read More »