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Sustainable Development Goal #4 – Education

The Sustainable Development Goal #4 tackles the need for (quality) education at all levels – from school children to adulthood. It emphases full inclusion, with regards to gender but also age, disabilities, income or any other ground that can lead to discrimination: “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”… Read More »

Finance Micro Management

The overall vision that I have is to help people help themselves, that they can improve their condition. Through my travels, I have come to realise that sometimes part of the issue is not necessarily money itself but money management. Both in Africa and in Europe… I am not a finance person… far from it!… Read More »

What is Education?

“The most common forms of education result from years of schooling that incorporates studies of a variety of subjects.”(Business Dictionary) When talking about education, the first thing that comes to mind is school education. But altogether, what is Education? It is much wider than “just” schooling. The general definition from the Business Dictionary does help see… Read More »

CONSTANT LEARNING: Leave the Status Quo, Keep questionning, Change, Improve

We celebrated our 1st year of existence “out of the closet” with a special edition on 13th September 2017. If you have missed it, you can find it here. Before launching the website and Bee the Solution, we had a certain idea of how we would do things. We learnt a lot on how to do it and… Read More »

Why do we need to be on the ground? Part 5 – Demonstration

In our modern days, everyone can learn on the internet – there are hips of how-to step-by-step instructables or demonstration videos… However, this is not always accessible to all. As we have seen, access to internet is not necessarily easy (because of network) or affordable (because of the device cost and/or data cost). But this… Read More »

Be grateful for what you have…(2)

Be grateful for what you have… ..but keep dreaming/working for better. Last month, I talked about showing/expressing gratitude for what we have and not longing for what we don’t… (Be grateful for what you have… not longing for what you don’t) This is the common saying and this is in response to what some people express… Read More »

CBO Challenge: Good Will and Effort

Money is always an issue… regardless of the scale of an NGO, money is one of the sore point (well, the same goes for everything we do…). So whether we are talking of a big-recognised-international NGO, a small-new-local NGO/CBO, or anything in between, access to funding is a necessity. But not for everything… one of… Read More »

Be grateful for what you have…

Be grateful for what you have… … not longing for what you don’t. This might sound cheesy, one of those saying that we know but don’t really pay attention to. One that we tell the kids to keep them quiet when they want something and we don’t want to get it/buy it for them. But… Read More »

Why do we need to be on the ground? Part 3 – Communication lines

One of the issue that we have when not being in the field is how to communicate. Access to communication is not a given everywhere, for everyone… If we are not in the country, then we are talking about international communication. Whether we sit in Europe or in the neighbouring country in Africa. So despite… Read More »

CBO challenge: setting up a community organisation

Setting up an organisation in itself is “easy”. It depends on the country, but it is mainly paperwork to be filled in and sent/registered with different government bodies. Easy, easy… only when we know what to do… Information is available… but again, when we know how to find it…. Easy does not mean straightforward or… Read More »