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Communication challenge – Newsletters & Posts

So much I want to say, yet so little did I post… This year has been challenging in term of sending updates for the newsletter. As you might have noticed, the April Newsletter was only issued now… with the May Newsletter… in June… In between internet connections, new format (longer to set-up), travels, people and… Read More »

Why do we need to be on the ground? Part 2 – Experience

One thing that we will never replace is the hands-on experience of life. We can read what we want, listen to people, watch documentaries or spend 2 weeks holidays, we will never fully comprehend how it is to live in certain settings. How is it to not have a tab to get water, no electricity… Read More »

Connecting People: Sharing knowledge

Part of the travel is about meeting people and sharing. How we meet, what we share and how it impacts further people makes for interesting stories. In 2015 in Tanzania, I met Gareth, a South African travelling for his project to promote conservancy, especially the trees. We met in Arusha. He was on his way… Read More »

Connecting People: Brazil meet South Africa

A few months ago, I met a wonderful couple in South Africa: Vanessa and Linho, all the way from Brazil. They were travelling in a restored Jeep from the ‘40s, named “Imperfeiçào” (“Imperfection”…. because nobody’s perfect…) They had started their travels in South America nearly 1 year before and had just arrived in Durban, South… Read More »