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In the last newsletter, we defined education as a start to a series about education. The main definition we highlighted was:

Education is about acquiring knowledge.
Education is about gaining an understanding.
Education is about getting instructions, guidance.

Before going any further, we would love to hear from you about YOUR definition, view and/or understanding of EDUCATION… It is a very topical question as Education is a major development goal and we hear a lot about it on Social Medias. We also have our own views of the importance and definition of education that we will share as we go along.

Now, you might be biased by our initial thoughts – maybe we should have done this before, but we wanted to have some sort of common ground to ask the questions below and gather your views…

Based on the above definition, for you:

*What is education? (especially if you disagree with the previous article…)
*What is the place of schooling in education?
*How one can gain education?
*What is the right to education?
*Why is education important (or not…)?

Give your opinion on all or some questions in the comment below (public) or by email to –  we will compile answers and build on it.

Share the questions with your friends – the more answers, the better overview we can have!

For inclusion in the November newsletter, please let us know by 27 November 2017.

But, no worries, we will welcome later answers and add in further editions.





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