What is Bee the solution? a NPO? a NGO?

By | 20th March 2017

Having defined some of the terminology (NGO, NPO…) in the last newsletter, the question that arises is: “So, is Bee the Solution an NGO or an NPO?”

Now, this is a very interesting question, which has different answers…



My initial thought is to answer that Bee the Solution is a NPO: Not for Profit Organisation.
This is firstly because this is the direct translation of our statuses in French – so, it makes sense.

However, as we saw last month, an NGO is also an NPO – and we fit the criteria laid down by the UN and the EU Council to qualify as NGO… so why not answer that we are a NGO?

From the usage of the term NGO, it generally refers to bigger, well established structures. Ones that often have greater means, both financially and in man-power. And we are not in that category for now. Hence the use of the more humble term of NPO.

Having said that, I do sometimes also refer to Bee the Solution as an NGO… because depending on countries where people are from, they do not relate to the term NPO, but know the context of NGO…

So while this seems a little complicated, altogether, Bee the Solution is both a NPO and a NGO. Simple!

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