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What is Bee the solution? a NPO? a NGO?

Having defined some of the terminology (NGO, NPO…) in the last newsletter, the question that arises is: “So, is Bee the Solution an NGO or an NPO?” Now, this is a very interesting question, which has different answers…     My initial thought is to answer that Bee the Solution is a NPO: Not for… Read More »

Petit lexique Franco-Anglais des ONG et assimilées

Dans la dernière newsletter, j’ai expliqué que l’un des articles était différent en français et en anglais car la terminologie était différente dans les deux langues. Ce mois-ci, je réalise que dans le domaine des ONG et associations, la richesse et la diversité du vocabulaire anglais sont tellement plus grandes qu’en français (une fois n’est… Read More »

Does Not for Profit means that there is no money?

No… There is money involved… Like in everything… Even time… What does Not for Profit means then? A Not for Profit Organisation can raise money, through fund raising, donation, governmental funding, corporate funding or generate income through commercial activities (sales, consultancy work, etc…). What it means is that any funds received by the organisation is only… Read More »

But what are the costs of being in the field?

In the December newsletter, we explained why we are doing what we are doing, and why this way. This means travelling, being in the field to help support local populations. We mentioned, that regardless of the cost of a project itself, there are costs associated to being in the field. So now… what are those… Read More »

NGO, NPO, CBO, PVO….? What are they?

Note: there are many more terms out there….. I have only focused on those that we found more often. And in particular the difference between NGO and NPO… First of all… what do those acronyms stand for? NGO = Non Governmental Organisation NPO = Not for Profit Organisation / Non Profit Organisation CBO = Community… Read More »