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By | 20th March 2017

At the back of Maya, I have written some words to explain why she is called Maya.

I had mentioned a long time ago on the blog that this poster was the most popular picture taken of Maya. I really like this poster. And many people have seen it as an inspiring or motivating talk. While this was not necessarily the exact outcome I had in mind when I wrote it, I suppose that it was unconsciously the aim. Give some encouragements. Get people to take action for their own dreams. Motivate people to follow their ideas.

Over time, a lot of people have read it, commented on it, thanked me for what it meant to them or for what they had achieved upon reading it (not giving me the specifics but they were happy and grateful, and that’s enough to also make me happy and thankful for being here and contribute to someone’s happiness). This was my aim: that it would help make a difference in someone’s life. That it would make someone happy. Regardless of why: we are all different and what makes me happy differs to what makes you happy.

The latest happy moment I had with this poster was on the car park of a shop in the Free State, South Africa. The car park attendant read it and was waiting for me to come back from shopping. He was very excited and happy. His English was not the best one, but the words meant something to him. He wanted to know if I had a paper copy to give him so that he could take home. I didn’t so he asked permission to take a photo. And said that he will take great care to translate it in Afrikaans for his children.

This is the type of little things that makes this journey worth it everyday. One happy face because of us. Someone who might take action to improve his life. No matter at what level. An improvement for him.

Since, I have decided to adapt the wording to speak about Maya and not as Maya, include Bee the Solution in the poster and produce hand-out. I have also asked a friend to translate in Afrikaans (commonly spoken in South Africa and Namibia) and I will print some as well.

It is not a lot to do – but it has shown to have an impact on some people’s life. And this is what we are all about.

The original text was posted here and the new hand-out can be found in pdf here.

May it also bring a smile on your face and a happy moment in your heart.


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