How can we make small savings: Speed, load and fuel

By | 15th July 2017

Hopefully, we have all noticed (or heard) that the faster we drive, the more fuel we use. Likewise, the heavier you car is, the more fuel you use.

In her “normal” load, Maya is fairly heavy. And I drive at a reasonable speed (I think… well, I am often the slowest on the road…). For my engine and my load, my fuel consumption is fairly good according to people “in the know”: generally just over 10 litres/100 km (or just under 10 km per litre).

However, when I carry supplies (extra fuel, water, food, people…) if I keep to the same speed, then the consumption increases. The same is true with high wind, bad roads or use of low gear: consumption increases.

So, to keep the costs as low as possible, I try to drive even slower in those circumstances, to keep the consumption similar. But I also try to balance the time as going slower to save on fuel might means to stop in a more expensive place… so I calculate to this level of details as much as I can.

And one small, small saving that I try to make as well is to find the cheapest fuel 🙂 here, the difference between filling stations is very small – often $0.03 per litre – but when I fill-up, it is over 100 litres. And, saving $0.03 on 100 litres might seems nothing, but this will actually translate into one night camping in some places…


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