CONSTANT LEARNING: Leave the Status Quo, Keep questionning, Change, Improve

By | 1st October 2017

We celebrated our 1st year of existence “out of the closet” with a special edition on 13th September 2017. If you have missed it, you can find it here.

Before launching the website and Bee the Solution, we had a certain idea of how we would do things. We learnt a lot on how to do it and when we were happy with it all, we had the launch. But learning never ends.

The past year has been a constant learning experience, especially on the communication channels and the “how”. We constantly question what/how we are doing, ask for feedback, listen and learn new ways to improve what we do. This is a constant process.

Changes are always difficult. When we do something, we think it is the best way. It is then easy to keep doing the same thing, it is comfortable and comforting. But we have to keep learning, improving and adapting. To do so, we need to walk away from the status quo and keep questioning ourselves and others so that we can always strive for better. At whatever levels. Changes might not seem big from one end, but can ask for a lot of work and effort and/or have great impact on someone else.

Leave your comfort zone, query what you do and how you do it, learn new ways, change something for the better.

And this is coming from someone who likes things to remain constant, who needs a vision/goal, who has a daily routine that is easily perturbed, who needs advance warning… If I can manage, so can everyone…

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