Connecting People: Sharing knowledge

By | 15th June 2017

Part of the travel is about meeting people and sharing. How we meet, what we share and how it impacts further people makes for interesting stories.

In 2015 in Tanzania, I met Gareth, a South African travelling for his project to promote conservancy, especially the trees. We met in Arusha. He was on his way to Kenya. I was working on a project with the masais near Ngoro Ngoro. But we did meet again in Zambia (well… we planned that meeting) and I went with him to the copper belt in North-East Zambia. I learned a lot about the deforestation there, how we make coals, how this impacts wood availability and agricultural lands.

When we returned to Lusaka, I met his mum, Ingrith who came to travel a while with him. Ingrith is a teacher and she has written a book to help parents, teachers and care givers with creative teaching for young children. At the time, they gave me a copy.

This book is a wonderful one and I have taken some ideas from it. And last year, I left it with someone until I was coming back so that they could use it and take away what they found useful for them.

When I was in South Africa this year, I went to visit Gareth and Ingrith. As I did thank them again for the book, I mentioned the fact that I shared it with someone as a loan for the year. In their kindness, they gave me a few more copies so that I could keep my own, but also share with others as I see fit.

In only a couple of months, I had already given 2 books: one in a rural CBO on the Wild Coast of South Africa and one to an Orphanage home in Namibia. But I have also shown it to other people working with children in South Africa and they loved it, asking for Ingrith details so that they can order copies to share.

Beside the story of the book, Gareth and Ingrith are wonderful. I enjoy meeting with them and had a great time at their place, so I hope to see them again, somewhere in Africa…

One encounter, new friends, new experience, new perspective but also new tool and knowledge that I can now share with others that I meet.



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