Connecting People: Brazil meet South Africa

By | 12th June 2017

A few months ago, I met a wonderful couple in South Africa: Vanessa and Linho, all the way from Brazil. They were travelling in a restored Jeep from the ‘40s, named “Imperfeiçào” (“Imperfection”…. because nobody’s perfect…)

They had started their travels in South America nearly 1 year before and had just arrived in Durban, South Africa for the African/European leg of their world tour. Their main aim is to bring dream, joy and hope around. Their trip is done under the motto “Caçadores de Sonhos” (Dream Hunters).

But from their professional life, they also had a medical device that helps with scar tissue, speeding scaring, especially after loss of a limb – the company Linho works for is specialised in this type of equipment (“Tonederm Medic”) and they had one to give away. They did not know where to go in South Africa, beside major hospitals, and they wanted to give it to a rural hospital. As it happens, I do know one, where some of my friends worked/work… And to make things better for them, it is in a beautiful part of South Africa, the Transkei (one of my favorite), and the drive there is part of the adventure.

So that evening, I did ask my friend there if there would be an interest, if she could organise for the appropriate person(s) to welcome them, directions (I know how to go there… not how to give directions to this place :)) – and so we organised for them to visit Zithulele hospital, which they did a few days later.

You can check their Facebook page for the stories of their visit to Zithulele, as well as the rest of their trip:

It is a nice example of connecting two places that would not have met – but also a wonderful example of the people I do met on the road. And how things are connected: I was not going to stay there but I decided I would anyway… and the evening turned out to lead to a great encounter and was a blessing for other people I know.

On a personal side, they also have a beautiful story: they left for their world trip just after getting married… this is their honeymoon 🙂 living their dream and sharing dreams….





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