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By | 15th June 2017

So much I want to say, yet so little did I post…

This year has been challenging in term of sending updates for the newsletter. As you might have noticed, the April Newsletter was only issued now… with the May Newsletter… in June…

In between internet connections, new format (longer to set-up), travels, people and projects, I also had a writer block of some sort… While my articles were all started, I struggled to finish them. I have spent some days looking at my page, unable to write anything. I could speak with people about what I was writing, but could not write it!

It is interesting as I never had a problem with compiling newsletters, writing one article for a newsletter or writing a procedure in the past (my favourite writing!). But now, it is a full newsletter, and it is more personal than technical. I speak more with my heart than with my technical skills. And words are more difficult to get together in a way that will express what I want to say.

I do hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I do enjoy writing it – I do enjoy sharing what it is all about, hopefully giving you a new or different perspective and knowledge.

Thankfully, all is back in motion again with regards to writing… the only issue I still have and will always have, is  time alone and good connections – at the same time… The challenge for the June newsletter will mainly be internet: I am about 2 hours drive (75 km in the bush) from the first place I can receive signal so that I can set-up my whole internet connections… if it works that day… and I need the whole day to post online and publish…

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