Communication challenge – Getting internet signal

By | 15th July 2017

Patience and perseverance… these are the 2 key words to have things happening… and this does apply to getting internet connections… well, to get a signal somewhere…

I have mentioned in another article of this June newsletter that it can be difficult to communicate if we are not present. And one of the reason is the availability of internet signal (or phone signal for that matter…)

You can read a little more details on how difficult it can be to send a message on the blog. In essence, you might have to run around and spend a lot of time to be able to get a weak signal. I gave the example of driving 100 km over 1.5 days to be able to send a 1 line email on the phone…

And… It all links back together… as I mentioned in last month newsletter, while I do get more life experience by being on the ground, I also have the luxury of a car… Without a car, I would not have been able to check other “signal points” and it could have taken me 3 or 4 days, walking 3h each day, before I could have sent the message.

Patience, perseverance… and time…

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