But what are the costs of being in the field?

By | 14th February 2017

In the December newsletter, we explained why we are doing what we are doing, and why this way. This means travelling, being in the field to help support local populations. We mentioned, that regardless of the cost of a project itself, there are costs associated to being in the field. So now… what are those costs?

The best explanation is to provide the actual costs of being on the field. Just taking the latest example of projects in Zimbabwe, over a 6 weeks period, at the end of 2016:

Reason Cost Total
Visa $30 for 3 months $30
Border crossing documents $55 first month then $45 per month $100
Fuel and maintenance to reach the project site 3000 km return to and from Johannesburg $670
Fuel and maintenance costs at the project site $100 per month $150
Cost of living (accommodation, food, gaz…) $400 per month $600
Internet $40 per month $60

Those are the minimum costs to just be there. So spending 6 weeks in Zimbabwe in 2016 for the projects did cost just over $1’600. About $1000 is for the travelling alone.

One way we are reducing costs is to travel from within the region with our own car. And as we have a kitted house, cost of living is also greatly reduced (when we cannot live in a village).

Cost of flying from Europe, rent a car and a room for that period would more than triple the cost. Typical cost of travel from Europe would be $5’900-$6’200 for the same 6 weeks (Zimbabwe is an expensive country). We will come back to these costs in our next newsletter.

But do we need to be on the ground? Can’t we do it from somewhere else? More questions to look forward to in future newsletters…




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