But what are the costs of being in the field? (Part 3)

By | 12th June 2017

In the last newsletters, we compared the costs of a 6-weeks period in Zimbabwe between what we had in our setting and what it would have been to fly from Europe.

In Zimbabwe in 2016, our cost amounted to around $1’600 compared to $5’900-$6’200 if we were coming from Europe.

If we look at the spending we have every year, it work out to about $13’000-$14’000, including food, accommodation, etc… and inclusive of around $4’500-$5’000 for transport costs (fuel, maintenance and repairs for Maya) for 20’000 km in the year.

For the same amount, we would only travel to 2 places for a fraction of the time, and still incur costs in Europe for an office, food, accommodation etc… for the rest of the year.

Beside the fact that we feel that being in the field is important, we also try to find the least costly options so that we will be able to spend more on project and less on administrative cost (transport, accommodation, food…) to conduct those projects.

And this leads to an interesting question that we all have with NGOs: where does the money go? We will discuss this in another newsletter in future.

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